Signs of aging may be inevitable, but there are a variety of cosmetic techniques that can help us to delay them for as long as possible if you want to maintain a youthful look. While wrinkle reduction and similar treatments are obvious choices, some other strategies may be surprising. For example, have you ever wondered: Can nose surgery make you look younger? Palm Desert-based patients considering rhinoplasty surgery may be curious about the answer.

Although minimally invasive options like facial fillers and neurotoxins can make you look years younger, and cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts can provide even more dramatic results, another method you may not have realized can help “turn back the clock” is nose surgery.

Rhinoplasty is commonly thought of as a facial rejuvenation procedure that can improve a specific feature by addressing aspects such as a crooked bridge, a bump on the bridge, and other perceived flaws. The changes that are made to the nose are customized to fit each patient’s unique features. However, rhinoplasty isn’t usually thought of as an anti-aging procedure and the nose in general isn’t typically the focus of anti-aging treatments.

Most of us are aware of the changes that occur in our skin as we age, but the nose is also affected. Age-related changes can cause the nose to slope downward and create a smaller distance between the nose and mouth. Even though your nose isn’t growing, changes can occur that cause it to lengthen. It’s common for the outer parts of the nostrils to look wider over time as well. The skin on the nose thins and loses elasticity, while the nose tip droops and parts of the cartilage separate. The loss of support causes it to look droopy and more pronounced.

Changes that occur in other features—such as loss of facial fat from the cheeks—also cause the nose to appear more prominent.

One of the advantages of a rhinoplasty is that refining the nose can make your entire face look years younger and more refreshed.

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