What Are the Benefits of Combining BOTOX® With Fillers?

Can you get BOTOX® and fillers at the same time? Our Palm Desert patients often ask us this question when they’re thinking about having minimally invasive treatments to enhance their appearance.

Non-surgical injectable treatments not only have amazing anti-aging benefits but also are highly convenient for patients because they have such little recovery time. Even just by temporarily reducing facial wrinkles, patients notice a much younger, more awake, and more attractive appearance, which is why these treatments are so popular. Most of the time, patients want to make changes to their appearance but are unsure which treatment or combination of injections they will need to achieve their goals. See below for some of the advantages of having combined BOTOX® treatments at our practice.

One of the reasons why it’s good to combine neuromodulators like BOTOX® and fillers is because the two options treat different types of wrinkles. In other words, they work differently, but complement each other.

BOTOX® blocks messages between muscles and nerves to temporarily relax facial muscles so that expression wrinkles like crow’s feet and frown lines can’t form on the surface. Facial fillers are soft gels that add volume beneath the skin to diminish static wrinkles, which are lines caused by collagen loss rather than muscle activity.

Since BOTOX® is primarily used on the upper third of the face and facial fillers are designed for the center and lower areas, these treatments can be combined to address multiple areas for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

As much as they are thrilled about seeing the results from facial fillers, most patients are not keen on having to rush back for repeat treatments too quickly and want to get the most out of their fillers. Fillers tend to dissolve faster in high-movement areas of the face. BOTOX® may help to prolong the results from facial fillers by freezing the muscles to prevent them from contracting.

Both types of treatments are quick, well-tolerated, and minimally invasive with minimal downtime.

If you’re seeking more answers to others questions, our Palm Desert-based Cosmetic Surgery Institute team is here to provide guidance on these minimally invasive procedures. Call us at (760) 837-0364 or submit a contact form to request a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you want to know more about these treatments.

What’s the Perfect Age to Try Facial Fillers?

Having ample collagen is one of the main reasons young people enjoy healthy, full-looking skin—but since our bodies gradually produce less of the stuff as we age, many people seek out ways to restore volume to the skin through cosmetic products and treatments. Fine lines and wrinkles that remain on the face even when it’s at rest—such as marionette lines and parenthesis lines—are clear signs that the skin has lost a lot of its natural proteins and moisture. Injectable fillers from our Palm Desert-based team are minimally invasive treatments that provide a more youthful, balanced, and attractive appearance right away by adding volume to areas of the face where collagen and fat are lacking.

Given that everyone ages, and considering how effective fillers are at addressing those signs of aging, one question we hear frequently at Cosmetic Surgery Institute is, “What’s the best age to start having dermal fillers?”

That’s not an easy question to answer. Actually, it is easy to answer, but the answer itself is not a specific one. In short? It all depends on your skin type, the signs of aging you want to address, and your goals. In other words, it’s up to you to decide when you want to have fillers.

Anyone over the age of 21 can have fillers. Some people choose to get them as soon as they can, while others prefer to focus on preventative skincare and wait until their 40s or older before having injectables. Why then? The 40s are when most people begin to see more pronounced wrinkles along with a loss of elasticity in the skin.

Some patients in their 20s do notice pronounced wrinkles or acne scars and want to use fillers to minimize them, but a large number of people only have dynamic wrinkles at this age (these are lines that appear while making facial expressions, but they are not visible—or as visible—when the face is at rest). With that in mind, patients who are younger and don’t have much volume loss should be wary about having too much filler injected, as adding too much volume where it isn’t needed can create an “obviously filled” look. Our team can help you to determine whether filler injections would be good for you, as well as educate you on what to expect from the treatment in terms of results. 

Fillers are a great option for facial contouring and reducing static wrinkles in the right patient. If you are wondering whether dermal fillers are the best option for you, contact our team at Cosmetic Surgery Institute to learn all about the treatments. Call us at (760) 837-0364, or submit a contact form to request a consultation

Which Lip Filler is Best for Me?

Lip injections can significantly change the shape and size
of your lips for months at a time. There are many choices of lip filler
for Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert
patients to choose from, each
with a unique purposes—so patients may be confused by their options and unsure
about whether they’re making the right decision for their lips. Our Cosmetic
Surgery Institute team can assess your features and advise you on what to
expect from the various fillers available. The most suitable option for you
depends on your individual goals, anatomy, and the concerns you’re hoping to
address. The following are some of the most popular lip enhancement treatments:


All fillers in the Juvederm® line are soft gels
containing hyaluronic acid, a moisture-bonding molecule that exists naturally
in the skin and maintains hydration levels. Ultra, one of the thicker filler
options, is a good choice if you want to increase the size of your lips (but
not in a cartoonishly exaggerated way) to give them a much more supple, pouty fullness.
Patients who have lost a significant amount of volume as they have aged can
especially benefit from this filler.


Tiny amounts of filler injected
in strategic locations can make a big difference to the overall look of your
lips. To smooth out fine lip lines, fill in small grooves, and redefine the
borders of the lips, Volbella® is typically the preferred choice. This
filler adds a small amount of volume to the lips—but not as much as Ultra—and
its thin, light texture makes it great for precise, subtle work. Volbella®
is usually injected into the superficial layers of skin. It also works on
vertical expression lines above the mouth, often called smoker’s lines, which
appear due to repeated lip pursing.


Restylane® Silk
is another colorless, hyaluronic acid-based filler gel used for lip
augmentation and minimizing wrinkles. Because it contains small, smooth
hyaluronic acid particles, it creates soft, natural-looking results and is
typically used for fine lines on or around the lips, the edges of the lips, and
downturned corners of the mouth.

Restyane® Kysse™

The latest filler in the
Restylane® line, Kysse™ was designed with proprietary processes to
be especially flexible while still allowing for a natural look. Injections can
enhance both lip texture and color, with results lasting for up to a year.

Learn more about the lip filler options available from Cosmetic Surgery Institute, serving
Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert. Call us at (760) 837-0364 or fill out a contact form to request
a consultation.