5 Bra Suggestions for Shopping After Breast Augmentation

For most women, shopping
for bras is challenging enough as it is—even if they haven’t had plastic
surgery. Our patients sometimes report that bra sizing becomes even more of a
challenge after having a high-quality breast augmentation from our
Palm Springs
-based team
at Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

While you may be
tempted to immediately rush out and buy all-new bras to flaunt your figure
after surgery, your breasts will experience some swelling immediately after the
procedure, and it can be difficult to predict what their exact size will be
after they’ve completely healed. Breasts will also continue to change slightly
for six months following augmentation surgery.

These tips are
intended to make it easier for you to find the perfect support (or even lingerie!)
after your surgery.

There’s No Such Thing as a Standard Cup/Bra Size

Many women spend a good portion of their adult lives wearing bras that are technically not the right size for them. Sizing labels can give you an idea of the general size of the bra, but the problem is that sizing for a given bra is actually determined by the company that creates the bra—so the A, B, C, and D sizes aren’t as universal as you might think. It’s also important to note that implant sizes aren’t the same as cup sizes.

It’s Better to Try Them On

Don’t bother with online shopping at first—especially for costly undergarments. As with any other type of clothing, when buying bras, it’s often better to just go into the store in person and see how they fit. When in doubt, this is the best way to find what you need (especially if all the online size calculators aren’t helping you). Ideally, you can be re-measured and professionally fitted for bras after your recovery.

Consider the Shape of Your Implants

Note that some bras will work better for teardrop-shaped breasts, while others are intended for round breasts. This is another reason in-person shopping is ideal. You can see not just how a bra fits, but how it looks on you!

Use Non-Wire Bras

You’ll have to
wait until your breasts have completely healed before moving on to conventional
wire bras. In the meantime, choose a different sort of support.

Try A Plunge Bra

Many augmentation
patients “start from scratch” and experiment with new styles after they’ve
healed from their surgery. A “plunge bra” is a push-up type that doesn’t have
uncomfortable wires and is good for heavier breasts.

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