If you’re unsatisfied with the size and shape of your breasts, one of the most popular options for making a change is breast augmentation. The Palm Desert-based Cosmetic Surgery Institute team offers the procedure, but hears from many patients who want to know when it would be safe to return to their exercise routine after surgery. The good news is that implants won’t prevent you from enjoying an active lifestyle in the long run, but you should be prepared to take a few weeks off for rest and recovery following the procedure.

Breast augmentation is ideal for creating noticeable results that not only change the look of the chest, but also impact body proportions as a whole. With that in mind, patients who are interested in keeping their overall physique fit and lean must have a long-term diet and exercise plan in place. In some cases, getting breast implants may be the very thing that kick-starts a woman into taking better care of her health.

In the first few days and weeks after breast augmentation surgery, it is OK to engage in light activity, such as short walks. In fact, this sort of gentle exercise is actually recommended, as it helps to stretch the muscles while improving circulation. That said, hold back on intense exercise during the first few weeks to avoid injuries or other increasing your risk of other complications. Strenuous activity raises your blood pressure while stressing muscles and tissues.

Patients typically get their strength and energy back within around a month’s time, though it may take about six months for the breasts to fully adjust and look their best after augmentation surgery. Each person’s recovery process will be different, with some women being able to heal more quickly than others. This has to do with genetics, lifestyle choices (such as smoking), and overall health before and after the procedure.

When you do go back to running, jogging, and lifting weights, remember to wear a quality support bra. Patients may want to start their exercise regimen by doing what feels comfortable and gradually increasing their activities over time rather than rushing into intense exercise as soon as they can. Some doctors believe that patients should refrain from any kind of hardcore chest-building workouts even after they’ve recovered. Follow your doctor’s specific post-surgery instructions.

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