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BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections

Relax Wrinkle-Forming Muscles in the Los Angeles Area

Hundreds of thousands of men and women each year are choosing to look younger with the help of BOTOX®. In the Los Angeles area—including Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Riverside—BOTOX® Cosmetic is a common choice among people looking to revive a tired appearance and retain the look of youthful vitality. Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers this popular injectable treatment to help minimize signs of fatigue and reduce the look of facial lines and creases by preventing muscle contractions. The lines addressed by BOTOX® are known as "dynamic wrinkles."

Our passionate nurse injectors, Peggy and Adrienne, are sought-after instructors for injectable treatments. With their experience, you can reverse age-related concerns while maintaining a natural appearance. Request a consultation online or call (760) 837-0364 to discuss your options for facial rejuvenation with BOTOX® in the Los Angeles area.

Our Approach to BOTOX®

At Cosmetic Surgery Institute, our goal is to help you look and feel beautiful—however you define it. For some people, this may translate to a very subtle enhancement; for others, a more dramatic change is desired. Our dedicated nurse specialist will listen carefully to your concerns in order to craft results that align with your personal concept of beauty.

We believe that the results of any injections are only as good as the provider, and our nurse Peggy is a talented and experienced injector. Men and women searching for BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal filler injections from as far as the East Coast travel to Cosmetic Surgery Institute in the Los Angeles area to seek out her services. Peggy frequently holds training clinics in our office, where practitioners from all over California come to learn her techniques.

To view real results from some our patients, visit our photo gallery.

What to Expect from a BOTOX® Treatment

Prior to your injection session, you may be asked to avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory medication for one to two weeks. This helps to reduce bruising. If a topical anesthetic is requested, your nurse will first apply the ointment to the treatment area. Then, using a very fine needle, small amounts of BOTOX® are injected into the appropriate location. The procedure typically takes only a few minutes, and discomfort is minimal.

You can return to your day immediately after treatment. Some people may experience slight bruising, redness, or puffiness at the injection site. These side effects are minor and should dissipate over the next few days.

During this time, muscle activity in the treated area will decrease, causing the skin to appear smoother and more youthful. This effect should last for approximately four months, and the treatment can be repeated.

Your BOTOX® Choices

Where should BOTOX® be used?

To reduce facial aging, BOTOX® Cosmetic is frequently injected between the brows (to address frown lines), around the eyes (to address crow's feet), and on the forehead (to address horizontal forehead lines). It is not recommended for under-eye bags or puffiness, or for the correction of "laugh lines" in the outer corners of the mouth and cheeks (also known as nasolabial folds). For these concerns, a dermal filler such as JUVEDERM® is a better option. This is because contour changes and laugh lines are due to volume loss. BOTOX® does not add volume to the skin, but temporarily reduces a targeted muscle's ability to contract properly. By keeping the muscle at rest, related wrinkles are less likely to be visible.

BOTOX® can also be used to reduce excessive sweating on the palms, under the arms, or on the soles of the feet. Some people may also benefit from injections near the temples to reduce migraine headaches.

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Can BOTOX® be combined with dermal fillers?

When used together, BOTOX® and fillers can provide substantial improvements in facial rejuvenation. Many of our patients combine these treatments in a "liquid facelift" procedure for the temporary reduction of signs of facial aging, including skin laxity, without surgery.

Do the injections hurt?

Because Cosmetic Surgery Institute uses a very fine needle for BOTOX® injections, there is very little discomfort associated with the treatment. Most of our patients report a pain-free procedure. No anesthesia is needed, and mild discomfort is easily eliminated with over-the-counter pain medication. Some patients may request a topical anesthetic if necessary.

How can I avoid an unwanted "frozen" look?

An expressionless appearance is typically the result of poor injection techniques. Our nurse at Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Peggy, is a highly trained and skilled BOTOX® provider whose trusted injection techniques are sought out by professionals across California. She will discuss with you the appropriate number and placement of injections to ensure the most natural results.

Enhancing Your Look with More Than BOTOX®

The results of BOTOX® injections are often enhanced with injectable treatments such as JUVEDERM, Restylane®, or RADIESSE®. Many people also use it to maintain the results of their facelift or in conjunction with laser treatments for more complete results.

Cosmetic Surgery Institute also offers Dysport® and Xeomin®, which are injectables that work the same way as BOTOX®, but have unique characteristics that set them apart. Collectively, the three muscle relaxers are known as "neuromodulators." Your injector can help you to determine which specific injectable would work best for you at your consultation.

For additional videos on specific procedures and the practice, please visit our video page.

Contact Palm Desert's Cosmetic Surgery Institute to arrange a consultation to discuss BOTOX® cost, durations, and other details in the Los Angeles area. Request a consultation online or call (760) 837-0364.

Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

I'm into 1 year after having my saline breast augmentation and I can't be happier. The results are exactly what I wanted; they look and feel super natural. The staffs are helpful in making you feel comfortable and answering any questions you may have. The doctor is very pleasant and informative. I would highly recommend him to any one of my friends and/or family!

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- A.E., 5 Star Google Review (Dec 2018)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

The lady at the front was wonderful. They were able to break down all the post op instructions for my recovery time and did a really good job. So far everything looks really good and scarring was minimal to none.

Google Reviews

– A.H., 5 Star Google Review (Mar 2019)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

Always had a great experience when coming here. I feel more confident in myself since seeing Dr. Z. The team at CSI is amazing and goes the extra mile. I would absolutely refer anyone to this place!

Google Reviews

– M.G., 5 Star Google Review (Mar 2019)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

I went to Dr. Mo over a year ago for a breast augmentation. I was absolutely blown away by him and his team. Their caring bedside manner made me feel so comfortable and so welcome. I am beyond happy with my choice and highly recommend Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Palm Desert to anyone looking to enhance themselves.

Google Reviews

– A.M., 5 Star Google Review (Dec 2018)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

We restore, repair, and make whole those parts which fortune has taken away, not so much that they delight the eyes but they buoy up the spirit and help the mind of the beset.

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