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It is now 2 weeks since my surgery. I'm doing well and wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the exceptional care I received from everyone at CSI. I believe I could not have chosen a better place to have my life altering procedure. I'm extremely disappointed that I missed both calls from Dr. Mo this week checking that I got home safely. I can't thank him enough for the care he took of me both on the operating table and after my surgery. Please let him know how grateful I am. [Redacted]. You particularly put me at ease while I made this very emotional decision. Thank you so much Susan 🤗


have been a patient at CSI for almost 16 years now. The staff and the doctors are amazing. They've helped me in many ways, from BOTOX® to facials—and the latest is my stem cell on both knees. I was told I needed knee replacement. I met with Dr. Ball and did stem cell six months ago. Best decision I've ever made. I have been pain-free. It feels wonderful to be able to exercise and walk again. Thank you, Dr. Ball and Dr. Zakhireh and the amazing staff for always making me feel like family and improving my quality of life by looking and feeling better. You'll never meet a more professional and amazing group of doctors and staff.

Becky B.


When I started avoiding mirrors, I knew it was time to seek Dr. Zakhireh's help with facial rejuvenation. My age and inherited DNA had caught up with me. A more permanent solution must be applied than the ones I had availed myself of at CSI.

Seeing the remarkable results Dr. Mo had achieved for others was impressive, and because most of his staff has been with him since 2005, this was a ringing endorsement of his humanity and his professional skills. I knew Dr. Mo Zakhireh could deliver what I'd requested: namely, get rid of the sagging and make my neck look as youthful as I felt.

Little did I know I had entered Dr. Mo's magic shop. I cried for joy at my happy outcome! I'd forgotten. My face, from my birth, was heart-shaped.

This report would be incomplete without telling you that my pre-surgery check-up with Peggy Murgo, R.N., saved my life. Unknown to me, I had hypertension. An immediate appointment was arranged for me with Dr. Mark Foster. He performed a few simple tests and gave me the correct medication. After my pre-surgery work was completed, I was cleared for the coming miracle.


Dr. Mo, thank you! It's been six months since my procedure. I look and feel amazing! One of the procedures I had done was liposuction. I never really knew anyone who had lipo done, so I wasn't sure what the results would be. WOW … I highly recommend it! Thank you for an amazing experience and your wonderful staff. I would definitely recommend, and have, CSI to anyone and everyone.


In April of 2018, I discovered Dr. Ball while watching the Wellness Hour one Sunday afternoon. I was intrigued because he was answering questions about stem cell therapy and how the treatment had helped individuals with chronic joint pain. As I continued to listen, he began talking about his plastic surgery practice and showing amazing before and after pictures of his patients. I was astounded and thought, I have to go meet this guy!

I made and appointment, not really knowing what we would talk about, or exactly what I wanted to have done. I think Dr. Ball's first words were, "What bothers YOU?" His mannerisms immediately allayed my anxiety, and we just visited, like two friends.

Although I had a host of issues that I wanted "fixed," based on my budget, we decided on what we called "phase 1." That included pinning back my ears, making the lobes smaller, and liposculpting my torso and inner thighs.

I chose those two procedures because I was born with a set of "robust" ears! Not quite Dumbo-ish, but close. They had bothered me since I was a child. I chose the torso liposculpting because no matter how hard I worked out or what I weighed, I still had a roll around my middle. It also bothered me, all my life.

The surgery day came, and I was anxious to say the least! I'm just a grandmother from Oklahoma, and plastic surgery isn't something that most of us even think of doing! But there I was! The staff met with me first and were so comforting and reassuring. Then I met with Dr. Ball for the final "mark up," the road map to my new body! He was calming, and suddenly I felt at peace.

I'm not sure how long the procedure took, but I woke up with very little to no pain. After sleeping through most of the day and night, I woke up sending selfies to all my friends and family! The next day was a follow up with Dr. Ball.

After a week, I was released to exercise and basically do anything I felt like doing. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe what I saw. It was thrilling!

By the time I got back to Oklahoma, about four weeks after my procedure, it was lake time. For the first time in my life, I could wear a two-piece swimsuit! My friends and family were amazed at my outcome and frankly, so was I. For a 64-year-old woman, grandmother of eight, to look hot(ish) in a swim suit—well, it was something that I never imagined. The new shape of my ears allowed me to wear earrings and a hat! Something I had only dreamed of doing in the past.

I feel blessed that I saw the Wellness Hour that afternoon, and even more blessed to know Dr. Ball and his awesome staff! I can't wait for phase 2 ... coming soon!

Alex C.

The doctors are amazing there. Dr. Mo and Dr. Ball are so caring and have exquisite skills. I have been going to them for many years. I have never been disappointed. I'm so happy I have found the perfect team. Also, all the extra lasers, facials, etc. that they offer there are just a bonus. THANK YOU, CSI, for making me feel and look wonderful.

Eli J.

I'm not a stranger to coming to places like this. I always want to look my best! I've seen Dr. Zakhireh a few times now, and every time I'd come here I would leave with a huge smile on my face. I feel he's an artist when it comes to his line of work and very patient and caring when it comes to people who see him. When I would come in, I never felt rushed. There's been a few times I had quite a few questions that were always answered. The doctor and his staff have followed up with me to ensure that I was doing alright even after my visit, which I thought was a nice touch. I would definitely go back.

Debbie S.

I had a stem cell procedure here, and the experience was awesome. Everyone affiliated was so hospitable and genuinely cared about me. Dr. Craig Ball is exceptional at stem cell, and he was amazing. During the consult, prior to procedure and after, he was PERFECT! He took the time I needed to feel comfortable. I would recommend Cosmetic Surgery Institute in a heartbeat—and actually have many times in the few weeks since my surgery.

In addition, they have the absolute best medical aesthetician, Danielle Rubino, who has trained under multiple surgeons in and out of the desert. She is knowledgeable and will give you candid advice on what she feels your skin needs are and how you can best continue good skin care in the future. She's the best!

Definitely a BIG thumbs UP!

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Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

I'm into 1 year after having my saline breast augmentation and I can't be happier. The results are exactly what I wanted; they look and feel super natural. The staffs are helpful in making you feel comfortable and answering any questions you may have. The doctor is very pleasant and informative. I would highly recommend him to any one of my friends and/or family!

Google Reviews

- A.E., 5 Star Google Review (Dec 2018)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

The lady at the front was wonderful. They were able to break down all the post op instructions for my recovery time and did a really good job. So far everything looks really good and scarring was minimal to none.

Google Reviews

– A.H., 5 Star Google Review (Mar 2019)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

Always had a great experience when coming here. I feel more confident in myself since seeing Dr. Z. The team at CSI is amazing and goes the extra mile. I would absolutely refer anyone to this place!

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– M.G., 5 Star Google Review (Mar 2019)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

Real Patient

Real Patient Stories

I went to Dr. Mo over a year ago for a breast augmentation. I was absolutely blown away by him and his team. Their caring bedside manner made me feel so comfortable and so welcome. I am beyond happy with my choice and highly recommend Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Palm Desert to anyone looking to enhance themselves.

Google Reviews

– A.M., 5 Star Google Review (Dec 2018)

*Model pictured. Actual patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

We restore, repair, and make whole those parts which fortune has taken away, not so much that they delight the eyes but they buoy up the spirit and help the mind of the beset.

– Tagliacozzi (1597)

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