What Makes You a Good Tummy Tuck Candidate?

Getting a flat stomach with sculpted abs can be very difficult to achieve—even if you’re slim, healthy, and exercise regularly. Resistant fat tends to cling to the belly area for many people, and especially those who naturally have a more apple-shaped body because of genetics. Pregnancy can cause excess saggy skin and separated muscles that result in a belly bulge. For men, the stomach is the default storage area for any excess fat on the body. Although many people want a flatter, firmer abdominal area, a tummy tuck may not be the right choice for every individual. Patients often ask us, “What does your weight have to be to get a tummy tuck?” Our Palm Desert-based team at Cosmetic Surgery Institute can answer the questions you might have about what is technically known as abdominoplasty during your consultation, but in the meantime, here are some basic traits that tend to make an individual a suitable candidate for this surgery.

  • You are physically healthy and at a stable weight for at least six to 12 months prior to having this procedure
  • You maintain realistic expectations
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You are unhappy about the appearance of your abdominal area
  • You have sufficient loose skin on the stomach that can be tightened without causing a “stretched” appearance
  • You don’t intend to get pregnant in the future
  • You are committed to maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle to preserve results from a tummy tuck
  • You are bothered about having loose skin, excess fat, or other types of cosmetic imperfections on the belly area

Patients should keep in mind that while this surgery is an excellent strategy for reshaping the body, a tummy tuck isn’t a substitute for weight loss. Patients should be within 10 to 15 pounds of their ideal weight to have this procedure. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight after a tummy tuck could have a negative effect on results and may even require revision surgery.

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Will a Tummy Tuck Reduce Love Handles?

While it would be great if we could lose weight evenly all over, we all have areas of the body where fat seems to be lost and gained more easily. “Love handles” and “muffin top” are some of the cute nicknames given to common problem areas on the body where resistant fat tends to accumulate, but there isn’t much to love about these fatty deposits that visibly cling to the sides of the waist and hang over the edge of a pants or skirt. A standard abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is traditionally used to re-shape the stomach area, but this procedure only addresses the frontal part of the abdomen. While tummy tuck surgery from our Palm Desert-based Cosmetic Surgery Institute isn’t a solution for love handles, these other techniques might be able to help you develop a thinner waistline.


Remember that spot exercises that target the obliques and side crunches are unlikely to slim down your sides because they don’t shrink fat cells. However, since a sedentary lifestyle makes fat accumulation more likely, try to be more active and incorporate cardio into your daily routine along with weight training.

Sleep More

You need to get enough sleep to avoid high cortisol levels in the body that can cause weight gain on the abdominal area. Try to consistently get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.


Our team usually combines liposuction with tummy tuck surgery to target surrounding areas such as the sides, lower back, and hips. This is what’s called an extended tummy tuck. If the front of the stomach and the sides are both areas you hope to improve, be sure to express your concern about love handles as well if you’re having a consultation for a tummy tuck. Liposuction can also be performed as a standalone procedure if you simply want to decrease fatty deposits on the flanks.

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Tummy Tuck: 5 Best Tips to Ensure a Speedy Recovery

Aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can not only cause the skin on the abdominal area to lose its elasticity, but can also result in weakened sit-up muscles. Some people are self-conscious about having excess, loose skin and a lower-belly pooch from separated muscles, while other people may naturally always carry some extra fat on the stomach that they can’t get rid of, even when they lose overall body weight. Luckily, tummy tuck surgery is available to correct all of these issues and sculpt a smoother, flatter abdomen with stronger muscles. Patients who are planning to have an abdominoplasty from our Los Angeles-area Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Palm Desert might be interested in learning about how they can heal at a faster rate, have an easier time during recovery, and get back to work or their other activities sooner.

As technology has continued to advance, recovering from plastic surgery is now easier than it ever was before. Here are five ways to ensure that your recovery is as fast and complication-free as possible:

1. Before having a tummy tuck, think about whether you will be able to take enough time off to properly heal after the procedure. Talk to the surgeon so that you understand the timeframe for your recovery. You need to plan ahead and take time off from your activities to fully heal. 

2. It’s critical to adhere to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions, even if some of them don’t seem like they would apply to you. 

3. After a tummy tuck, you will likely feel tired and weak, as well as have difficulty with standing for long periods of time, moving objects, bending, or generally moving around. Have a support system in place with friends or loved ones to help you out with chores, caring for young children or pets, and performing small tasks. 

4. Take your pain medication as prescribed at the onset of discomfort. 

5. Your surgeon will give you advice on wound care, along with any potential signs of infection to be aware of. Care for your incision properly to make sure that it’s always clean and avoid infections. 

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What Are the Benefits of Combining Your Tummy Tuck with Liposuction?

Although the abdominal area is a common place for people to
store excess weight when they put on a few pounds, belly fat isn’t always
linked to being overweight. You can be very slim but still have some resistant
flab around this area—flab that refuses to budge despite dieting and exercise. Some
people simply have a body type that makes them prone to being heavier in this
area. Others experience fullness in this area because their muscles and skin
have been stretched due to aging, weight loss, or pregnancy. If you’re planning
on a tummy
tuck in Palm Desert
to tighten and flatten your abdominal area,
adding liposuction to the treatment can give you enhanced results.

Although both tummy tuck surgery and liposuction are highly
effective on their own as standalone procedures for reshaping the abdominal
area, the Cosmetic Surgery Institute team believes that having them done at the
same time can produce optimal results for certain patients. While the terms are
sometimes used interchangeably by patients who don’t know the difference, tummy
tucks and liposuction accomplish very different things. In this post, we
explore some of the advantages of combining the two.

1. Removing
Fat While Tightening Skin and Muscle

Liposuction allows you to have some of your subcutaneous fat
suctioned away from specific areas. A tummy tuck can also involve some fat removal,
but the procedure focuses on removing excess skin, tightening the remaining
skin, and repairing muscles to improve your mid-body contours. By having these
procedures done together, you’ll be able to remove a larger amount of diet-resistant
fat while addressing skin and muscle laxity at the same time.

2. Addressing
Transition Areas

As opposed to a tummy tuck, which is solely focused on the
abdomen, liposuction can be used to reduce fat in other areas surrounding or
near the stomach, including the hips, thighs, flanks, and back. This improves
your overall contours and emphasizes the results of the tuck.

3. Less
Recovery Time and Discomfort

By having both surgeries done at the same time, you’ll only
have to schedule a single appointment for the procedures. That also means you
will go through just one recovery period instead of two. Studies have shown
that this strategy has a low complication rate, which is very appealing for

For more information on what’s involved in liposuction and a
tummy tuck from Palm Desert’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute, as well as other body contouring
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How Can a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Work Together?

If your
midsection is a “problem zone” for you, you probably already know how difficult
it is to maintain a lean look. You may do everything right—including eating
well and exercising—but a flat abdomen seems to stay out of your reach. The Cosmetic
Surgery Institute team explains that while lifestyle-based efforts can give you
a healthier body overall, and are ideal for reducing fat, diets can’t be used
to target specific areas. Sit-ups can build muscle, but the results may remain
hidden under a thick layer—or the muscles may be separated from being stretched

To address a
range of cosmetic belly problems, there’s no substitute for an abdominoplasty, available at our Palm Springs-area practice. For the procedure better
known as a tummy tuck, we make strategic incisions that allow us to tighten
muscles, fascia, and skin, as well as to excise any redundant skin. A traditional,
full tummy tuck is limited to the area that extends below the chest to the

But what about
stubborn, resistant rolls that often surround the belly area? For additional
fine-tuning, there’s always liposuction. Our approach involves using surgical
fat removal to optimize results, in addition to standard surgical techniques.

Performing two
procedures (a tummy tuck and liposuction) at the same time proves to be more
efficient, effective, and less expensive than performing them separately—not to
mention patients won’t have to go through two surgeries and recovery periods. Also
with this approach, the risk of complications associated with standalone tummy
tucks, such as seromas, is reduced, and combining procedures has been shown to
improve patient satisfaction. This combination is sometimes referred to as
“lipoabdominoplasty” or “liposuction-assisted abdominoplasty.”

Liposuction is a
commonly performed body contouring procedure that allows patients to remove
resistant, subcutaneous fat deposits from most areas of the body, using a
hollow cannula to break up and extract fat cells. In addition to the belly it
also allows for shaping features that border the belly area, like the hips,
flanks, waist, and back, for more definitive contouring. Slimming down these
other areas also accentuates a flatter abdomen. This improves your overall body
contours for a more streamlined and balanced appearance.

Patients from
Palm Springs and surrounding areas can plan an abdominoplasty with liposuction
at Cosmetic
Surgery Institute
. Call (760)
837-0364 or send a message online to get more information or arrange a