Aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can not only cause the skin on the abdominal area to lose its elasticity, but can also result in weakened sit-up muscles. Some people are self-conscious about having excess, loose skin and a lower-belly pooch from separated muscles, while other people may naturally always carry some extra fat on the stomach that they can’t get rid of, even when they lose overall body weight. Luckily, tummy tuck surgery is available to correct all of these issues and sculpt a smoother, flatter abdomen with stronger muscles. Patients who are planning to have an abdominoplasty from our Los Angeles-area Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Palm Desert might be interested in learning about how they can heal at a faster rate, have an easier time during recovery, and get back to work or their other activities sooner.

As technology has continued to advance, recovering from plastic surgery is now easier than it ever was before. Here are five ways to ensure that your recovery is as fast and complication-free as possible:

1. Before having a tummy tuck, think about whether you will be able to take enough time off to properly heal after the procedure. Talk to the surgeon so that you understand the timeframe for your recovery. You need to plan ahead and take time off from your activities to fully heal. 

2. It’s critical to adhere to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions, even if some of them don’t seem like they would apply to you. 

3. After a tummy tuck, you will likely feel tired and weak, as well as have difficulty with standing for long periods of time, moving objects, bending, or generally moving around. Have a support system in place with friends or loved ones to help you out with chores, caring for young children or pets, and performing small tasks. 

4. Take your pain medication as prescribed at the onset of discomfort. 

5. Your surgeon will give you advice on wound care, along with any potential signs of infection to be aware of. Care for your incision properly to make sure that it’s always clean and avoid infections. 

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