Once upon a time, breast implants were highly obvious and very easy to spot. The 2000s may have been the era for huge, fake-looking, and highly noticeable boobs, but trends have changed a lot in the previous two decades. Patients have gradually shifted toward preferring a more “real” aesthetic. In the last few years, celebrities and non-famous patients alike have been selecting smaller implants that are designed more for altering the shape of their breasts in a less conspicuous but nevertheless attractive and feminine way. The idea is to have your breasts enhanced in a way that fits you as an individual rather than taking a “cookie cutter” approach to cleavage. If you’re going in for breast augmentation at a Los Angeles-area practice—or anywhere, really—and want more subtle, believable results, follow these tips below:

1. Choose the Right Material

During your consultation for breast implants, your surgeon will be discussing lots of variables involved in the surgery with you, including everything from sizes and fillings to implant placement. Generally, silicone implants, including the more cohesive silicone “gummy bear” implants, tend to have a squishier texture that’s more similar to actual breast tissue.

2. Consider Fat Grafting

Autologous fat grafting or fat transfers involve using some of a patient’s own body fat—taken from an area of excess on some other part of the body—to enhance the breasts. Fat augmentation can be a way of increasing the breast size by up to one cup if you don’t want implants. Alternatively, it can be used to hide potential rippling or other minor irregularities and to enhance the cleavage when used in combination with implants.

3. Think About Sizing

Patients often complain that they wish they had gone a bit larger or smaller after they have had breast augmentation. Don’t assume that bigger is necessarily better. Sometimes, the width of certain implants is too wide for your frame or projects too much, making it clear that you’ve had work done. Your implants should be as small as possible with a low to moderate projection if you’re aiming for a realistic appearance. Talk with your surgeon about ways to see what various sized implants would look like on your frame.

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