No one has the “perfect” body, and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. However, there’s also no harm in having a cosmetic treatment like liposuction. From Los Angeles to Palm Desert, everyone wants to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Although there’s a common misconception that surgical fat reduction is meant for fatter people, this strategy isn’t designed as some kind of magic bullet for weight loss, nor as an easy way for patients who are very overweight or obese to lose a significant amount of overall body weight. In fact, liposuction is ideal for those people who have already hit a healthy weight for their height—and have managed to stably maintain their weight at or close to their goal. Continue reading to learn how liposuction can fine-tune your body shape in this situation.

Liposuction works the same for thin, athletic patients like runners and weightlifters as it does for patients who are slightly heavier. So if you’re average weight-wise but just have a few flabby areas of excess fat that you’ve been unable to tone up—like belly fat, double chin, or thigh fat—you may be an ideal candidate for the surgery.

This procedure alters your body’s proportions and silhouette by removing some of the soft, grabbable fat from below the skin so that the surface contracts around your newly slimmer contours. Are you one of those people who always has thicker thighs even after losing weight from elsewhere, or a rounded stomach even when you are at your slimmest? When you’re restricting your calorie intake and working out frequently, your body might get sculpted in some areas, but you also might not be able to attain the figure you want because of genetics, hormones, or age-related weight gain.

Liposuction is the ideal technique for getting rid of this fat, even if you only have a modest amount of it that needs to be taken out. If you have a thinner frame and are thinking of having liposuction, it’s better to go to an experienced surgeon who knows the right techniques to lower the risk of contour irregularities.

Cosmetic Surgery Institute also offers Renuvion laser for skin tightening in combination with liposuction.

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