Even if you feel confident about having plastic surgery and can’t wait to show off the results, having any kind of procedure can still zap your energy. Once the procedure is over, it can take several weeks before the swelling goes down and you begin to “feel normal” again. Patients often feel a variety of emotions before and after surgical fat reduction in the Los Angeles area, with impatience, frustration, and depression common at first, followed by more positive emotions once they’ve fully recovered. These initial, more negative feelings are to be expected and are perfectly natural, so there’s nothing to be alarmed about. If you’re feeling bored or a little overwhelmed while in recovery, here are a few ways to ease your mind:

1. Use Breathing and Relaxation Techniques 

To keep your stress levels down and relieve some discomfort, try techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or guided relaxation. Look for a quiet, comfortable area, close your eyes, try to center your mind, and repeat a calming mantra while meditating. 

2. Try Listening to Music 

If you’re feeling tense, consider looking for some new albums or go back to your favorite classics. Finding some new music to listen to is a great way to distract yourself. It quiets your mind, soothes you, and helps you decrease stress because of the chemical reactions it triggers in your brain. 

3. Practice Visualization 

Visualization is another highly effective way of releasing stress and tension. It involves using mental imagery to put yourself in a relaxed state. Rather than worrying about other things, imagine yourself healed and try to think more positively. 

4. Get Exercise

As soon as your surgeon gives you approval to do so, you can gradually incorporate light exercise such as walks or even lifting light weights. Staying active will help you to heal faster and avoid blood circulation issues. It will also help you to cope with stress. 

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