Mommy Makeover Case 2

Surgeon : Mo Zakhireh


: 40

: Female

: 165

: 5'6


40 year old Women.

Mother of 7 children. She breast fed them all and is a 36B cup at 5’6”and 165LBS.

We took off 2 liters of fat from her back, flanks, love handles and axillae. Then we cleaned her fat and augmented her buttocks with 650cc of good fat. The advantage to fat is that it's your own, and becomes living, breathing tissue. In our experience, 70% of the fat takes because we deliver it deep next to the gluteus maximus muscles which provide very good blood supply. Then we turned the patient over and did a very nice tummy tuck with cutting out of a lot of excess skin and stretch marks.

 Last but not least, we sized the patient on the table and noted that 500cc breast implants balanced her shoulders into her hips. With the right size of implants, the body flows in graceful symmetry and is in total balance. We used smooth gel gummy bear implants and placed them under the pectoralis muscles for softer, smoother results and also for effective reading of mammograms.


*Results will vary from patient to patient.