Mommy Makeover Case 4

Surgeon : Mo Zakhireh


: 35

: Female

: 182

: 5'10


This is a 35-year-old female who had breast augmentation done by us in 2008.  She came in with a complaint of a tethered C-section scar. She is 5 feet 10 inches and 185 pounds.  The patient had originally come in in June of 2020 for skin pull versus a tummy tuck. 

Explant of left broken Mentor Smooth Gel High-Profile 500 cc implant.

Clean-out of spilled silicone from left breast submuscular pocket.

Explant of right intact Mentor Smooth Gel High-Profile 500 cc implant.

Bilateral lower pole capsulectomy.

Breast augmentation with Mentor Smooth Gel High-Profile 600 cc implant.

Liposuction of abdomen, flank, axilla, and love handle.


*Results will vary from patient to patient.