Breast Augmentation Case 29

Surgeon : Mo Zakhireh


: 37

: Female

: 120

: 5'6


Breast augmentation with Sientra Smooth Gel High-Profile 385 cc implants.

This is a 37-year-old female who has breastfed two children and currently is a 34 A cup.  The patient is 5 feet 6 inches and 120 pounds, and she is very petite with dominant shoulders and A cup breasts. Stretchmarking in the lower half of the breasts and she has muscular pec muscles and some skin stretching around the areolae.  We have sized this patient with 300 cc implants; however, the morning of surgery, she states that she wants to go bigger maybe 350 cc.  I told her we would size her with the range of 300 cc to 375 cc and see what she can carry, and with her permission, I would adjust accordingly and she and husband agreed and stated yes. 

*Results will vary from patient to patient.