Breast Augmentation Case 4

Surgeon : Mo Zakhireh


: 30

: Female

: 120

: 5'2


30-year-old  Patient was an athletic and lean 5’2”, weighing in at 120 lbs with 32A cup breasts that had deflated due to breastfeeding. 

The team had sized her with 400cc implants during the original consultation. However, once they sized her again on the table during surgery, her dominant shoulders swallowed the implants and made them look too small. They therefore upsized her, and at 450cc, they noted that she was in full symmetry, and her shoulders flowed into her hips with the right size transition of the breasts. 

She was then augmented with Mentor Smooth Gel 450cc Gummy Bear Implants inserted under the pec muscles. She ended up filling out her breast tissue and at the same time, she did not look “done.” 

*Results will vary from patient to patient.