Many people have the same question when it comes to breast implants: How much? Palm Desert’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute—serving patients from Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas—knows that one of the first things patients tend to think about in relation to considering augmentation surgery is how much breast implants will end up costing. If you’ve been searching for answers to questions like “How much are breast implants?” you should know that there is no single answer, because the price of breast augmentation with implants or breast fat injection is based on several individual factors.

With that in mind, breast augmentation cost is best discussed during a personalized consultation. Still, there are some details to consider to help you understand pricing.


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Breast Implants: How Much Do You Know About Their History?

You may be planning on having breast implants, but how much do you really know about the breast implant history timeline? The first breast enlargement surgery with implants took place decades ago in the early 1960s. Since then, millions of women have had breast augmentation surgery. Breast implants have continued to evolve, and modern implants are more advanced than ever. Since that time, they have become increasingly rupture-proof, and a much wider range of choices is available. All of these factors have played into the cost of the various devices available today.

Breast Implants: How Much Do Individual Factors Affect the Cost of Breast Implants?

If you are thinking of getting breast implants, how much they cost will undoubtably be an important element to ask about. How much breast implants cost will depend on the surgeon’s experience, the geographical location of the practice, the type of procedure involved, and other factors. Scheduling a consultation is the ideal way to find out more about breast enhancement cost or the different kinds of breast implants available, to get more advice on breast enhancement recovery or caring for breast enlargement scars, to discuss when to get breast implants removed, and to see breast implant photos or breast lift before-and-after photos of actual patients.

Beyond the Price of Breast Implants: How Much Healing Time Is Needed After Breast Implants?

Money is the most common cost-related question when it comes to getting implants, but it’s important to remember that there is a time cost as well. If you are having breast surgery with breast implants, how much time you will spend in recovery will vary depending on your individual healing factors and life circumstances, but there are some important things anyone who is having this surgery should be aware of when it comes to post-surgical down time.

The most common side effects from implants are bruising, swelling, tenderness, and soreness. It will usually take around six weeks on average to fully recover. There are certain exercises to avoid with breast implants while recovering after your breast augmentation surgery, such as chest and shoulder exercises or lifting weights. Our team can explain everything you’ll need to know about recovery and workouts after breast augmentation.

Breast Implants: How Much Should You Focus on Cost vs. Achieving Optimal Results?

When it comes to breast implants, how much their total cost will be is an important aspect to consider, but your top priority should be your safety, which means choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon who can provide optimal results.

Implant size for breast augmentation should also be carefully considered, and while one person’s idea of the perfect breast implants may differ from another’s, many professionals believe that choosing the smallest breast implant size that will still allow you to achieve your goals is best if you want the most natural-looking outcome. A submuscular breast implant placement can also look more natural for some patients. Discuss these strategies, techniques, and more with any potential surgeon in order to be sure you are on the same page.

Other Cosmetic Procedures for the Body

Want to learn about gummy bear implants and other types of silicone implants? Contact our team for more advice on breast enhancement.

Patients who are interested in learning about how much breast implants will cost may also be looking for more information on the price of other breast surgeries. Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the breasts and body, including breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, Mommy Makeover, and more.


How much are breast implants? Contact Palm Desert’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute for more information. Request a consultation online or call (760) 837-0364.

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