Gummy bear implants at Palm Desert’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute—serving patients from Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas—are one of the more popular options available for breast augmentation. These teardrop-shaped, gel-based implants are made up of a more evolved, newer generation product known for holding its shape and mimicking the feel of natural breast tissue.


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Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation: What Are the Pros and Cons of Gummy Bear Implants?

Ever wondered how silicone gummy implants—also known as highly cohesive gel implants—compare to regular implants? The main difference between standard types of silicone implants and gummy bear implants is the thicker consistency of gummy bear breast implants’ gel. These unique types of implants provide very natural-looking results while being very cohesive and form-stable.

They are nicknamed “gummy bear” breast implants due to their ability to retain their shape even if their shells are broken, much like gummy bear candy. Their main advantage is that they hold their shape better than standard silicone and saline implants, especially if a rupture occurs.

One of the drawbacks is that they may require a longer incision, which may make visible scarring more likely.

See our photo gallery for gummy bear breast implants before and after photos or check out gummy bear implants reviews from actual patients.

How much are breast implants? Our team can explain more about gummy bear implant costs, as well as details about gummy bear breast implant brands, what to expect before and after breast lift or breast augmentation surgery, how to manage breast enlargement scars, what to know about workouts after breast augmentation, and more.

Gummy Bear Implants Near Me: Who is a Good Candidate for Gummy Bear Implants?

Patients who hope to increase the volume of their breasts without exaggerated or extreme results may be good candidates for gummy bear implants. The devices can be good for patients who are less concerned about fullness in the upper area of the breasts and prefer a more “anatomical” and natural-looking shape. Silicone implants for breast enhancement are approved for patients aged 22 and older. They are not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Are Gummy Bear Implants Safe? What Happens if a Gummy Bear Implant Ruptures?

Gummy bear breast implants have been assessed for many years and determined to be safe. When a rupture or leak occurs in traditional breast implants, a couple problems may result. The solution in saline implants tends to leak out rapidly, causing a “deflated” look. The gel in standard silicone implants could ooze out of the silicone shell and into surrounding tissues. There is a lower risk of ruptures and leaks in gummy bear breast implants, since the gel is so stable. However, it may be more difficult to detect a leak if one does occur, so it’s important to have regular screenings to ensure that any problems are detected as soon as possible.

Beyond Gummy Bear Implants: Which Other Procedures Enhance the Breasts?

Cosmetic Surgery Institute provides a full range of breast surgeries, including breast augmentation with gummy bear implants or breast fat injection (also known as fat transfer), breast lift surgery to improve the shape of sagging breasts and restore a perkier look, and breast reduction to reduce very large breasts for cosmetic or functional reasons. A Mommy Makeover can combine breast surgery procedures with liposuction and/or a tummy tuck to enhance the body contours after pregnancy.


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