The recent development of so many minimally invasive, non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation may have led some people to assume that there’s no need to for facelifts anymore. Injectables have become easily accessible and seem to be a more convenient option, while offering similar anti-aging results to surgery. However, fillers and similar non-surgical treatments can only do so much, and if you have more advanced signs of aging, it may make more sense to consider a full facelift at our Rancho Mirage-area Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

Which option is right for you? Here’s how the two facial rejuvenation strategies compare:

Dermal Fillers

If you have some noticeable wrinkles and sagging caused by loss of collagen—due to aging, smoking, sun damage, or genetics—fillers are a quick way of adding volume back into the skin to make it smooth and lifted. Injectable fillers are ideal for the person who simply wants to make some noticeable improvements, but in a subtle and effortless-looking way, so others won’t be able to know that any tweaks have been made. Fillers work well for wrinkles around the middle and lower part of the face, but won’t significantly tighten excess loose skin.

Note that fillers are only a temporary solution, with results that will last for several months at minimum to a few years at most. Injectables are usually best for younger patients with mild to moderate signs of aging who aren’t ready to commit to surgery. There’s not much downtime or discomfort involved, and side effects are usually minor, so you’ll be able to go back to your usual activities right away.


A facelift, known by the medical term “rhytidectomy,” is a procedure inintended to create a more youthful facial appearance by improving aging facial contours. The surgery physically tightens sagging skin and repositions facial tissues. Unlike fillers, the results from a facelift are very long lasting. While you can’t prevent time and gravity from continuing to impact your skin, the outcome typically endures for many, many years. Most people who choose to have a facelift are looking to address more severe aesthetic concerns, such as jowls, sagging skin around the lower jaw, turkey neck, deep skin folds, and hollowed cheeks.

When it comes to achieving significant anti-aging effects, especially on an older face, there’s no replacement for facial surgery.

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