Breast Augmentation Case 1

Surgeon : Mo Zakhireh


: 25

: Female

: 130

: 5'9

: 450 cc Mentor


CR was a 25-year-old female who came to Cosmetic Surgery Institute requesting a breast augmentation from the Los Angeles practice. She had no children, was a 34B cup at 5'9", and weighed 130 lbs. The patient was originally sized at 500cc. However, on the morning of surgery, the team resized her, and she decided that 500cc was too big, so she downsized to 450cc, which was a good fit. 


In surgery, Dr. Mo Zakhireh augmented her with Mentor Smooth Gel High Profile 450cc gummy bear implants. The surgeon placed them under the pectoral muscles for mammogram-related reasons. The patient did very well and had a very smooth post-op recovery course. She was so happy and very grateful for her results.

*Results will vary from patient to patient.