Breast Augmentation Case 2

Surgeon : Mo Zakhireh


: 20

: Female

: 128

: 5'5


IL was a 20-year-old female with a 34A cup breast size at 5'5" and weighing 128 lbs. This patient was in excellent shape with a very low body fat percentage and had just returned from a bodybuilding competition. She related that she had been eating healthily and normally and was not planning on doing more competitions anytime soon. She requested 500cc implants, but Dr. Mo Zakhireh advised the patient that while he could do this size for her, going from an 

A cup to a D cup all at once might give her stretch marks. 


The patient then asked what Cosmetic Surgery Institute could do for the possible stretch marks if they did happen. Dr. Zakhireh educated the patient about the BBL laser, which could reduce the red in her skin. The patient proceeded with surgery, where she was augmented with Mentor Smooth Gel 500cc High Profile Gummy Bear Implants. These implants were placed under the pectoral muscles for mammogram reasons. 

*Results will vary from patient to patient.