The Negative Effects of Smoking on Liposuction Results

continues to be an ideal surgical technique for dramatic body-contouring
results. It produces new contours faster than non-invasive alternatives can, is
generally low risk, doesn’t require a long recovery time, and only causes small
scars. The procedure can be a useful tool for body contouring—also referred to
as body sculpting, a term referring to a range of procedures intended for
altering the contours of the body by modifying fat, skin or muscle. While it is
great for removing fat from almost any area of the body, doctors at Cosmetic
Surgery Institute explain to patients in the Los Angeles basin area that liposuction for body contouring's success hinges on them avoiding nicotine
before and after surgery.

You may have
noticed in your research before the big day that cigarette smoking is
emphasized on just about every list of things to avoid before going in for
plastic surgery. Some surgeons recommend staying away from cigarettes for a few
weeks or up to a month before the operation and for a long time afterward as
well. But why exactly is smoking so bad for you—in this specific case?

In short, smoking
makes you much more likely to develop post-operative complications after
liposuction surgery. If you’re a regular or heavy smoker, surgeons understand
that giving up the habit can be difficult, but they can also help you find support
during this time.

A chemical
called nicotine, which is contained in cigarettes—and such cigarette
substitutes as gum, patches, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, etc.—is the source
of the problem. When you have plastic surgery, some of the blood vessels are
severed, and it’s up to the remaining intact vessels to supply the oxygen and
nutrients needed by the rest of your body. This includes the incision sites and
tissues in the surgical site that need to heal. Poor healing can lead to poor
results. Scars may be more pronounced and visible, since nicotine restricts
blood flow and inhibits oxygen supply to cells.

If you still
continue smoking, your surgeon may not want to administer liposuction. Complications
from pre-op and post-op smoking may include infections, fat necrosis, blood
clots, increased pain, and thick scars.

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